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Written by Te Wawata White and Published on June 18th, 2021
On the 18th of June 2021, The Movement RC launched (or will have hopefully launched for the sake of this post) it’s official website,, changing the trajectory of this ever-growing company for the better. When asked about what this move means to him, Co-Founder and CEO of TMRC, Damon Paraha A.K.A. Nomad, had this to say… “This step is just another example of us doing what we were told we couldn’t. It’s just another chance to inspire the followers, piss off our haters and continue to do what we want.” From its creation, The Movement RC has prided itself on being a supporter of independent practice in the Music Industry. From Production & Creation to Publishing & Distribution, there aren’t many stones that have been left unturned when it comes to developing this Melbourne-Based brand.

It’s always been a necessity for us…” said Paraha…coming out of Melbourne’s West(ern Suburbs), we’ve always had a bit of a chip on our shoulders cause our side was typically overlooked and because we didn’t have much exposure to the gatekeepers of the Aus scene, we had to discover a lot of this stuff on our own. Naturally, we just fell into a position where we possessed the basic intel to begin a label so we did it, but these experiences were also an epiphany for us both on how tricky these suits make the game seem just to get a slice of a pie they didn’t create.

Since 2018, The Movement RC has been independently Producing, Publishing and Distributing their content while simultaneously Creating Spaces for upcoming artists through Workshops, Programs and Live Events. In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic/Lockdown period of 2020, TMRC would find it’s niche in utilising online platforms like Zoom, Teams and even Discord to not only substitute as an artificial work-environment, but to innovate new ways to connect with, perform for and share with their following/community. During the second half of the year, TMRC hosted an online competition for Producers and Performers called “We Move”, showcasing some of Victoria’s best beats and bars from the young talent in Melbourne.

2020 was a year that many would love to forget for a bunch of reasons, but in more ways than one, it served as a blessing in disguise for us…” Nomad says, reminiscing on his time in Lockdown “…It really forced us into an uncomfortable and chaotic position as artists. Myself in particular, went from a comfortable spot of consistent Music Workshops and Programs for a living, with occasional Gigs for spare cash, to instantly no work in a “non-essential” industry and minimal government assistance. It took some time, but we got used to the virtual landscape and when restrictions eventually eased-up we had more tools at our disposal and the potential to grow seemed closer than ever. I immediately got into contact with Zhai(rah Charles) to get started on TMRC.COM”

Shopify by Zhairah Charles Logo


Zhairah Charles - known to friends and family as a serial entrepreneur - is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an undoubtable knowledge of the ins and outs of e-commerce. With 6 years of experience as a Shopify Partner, she’s helped others to build their very own e-commerce stores and scale to success through the power of social media marketing. “It’s been really exciting to design and develop the official online store for @themovementrc…” writes Charles, “…because it was my first time creating something within the music industry. For me, Nomads music always translated to truth, opportunity and being your authentic self, and I think the website captures exactly that.” Zhairah played an integral role in bringing TMRC.COM to life, from it’s initial setup to it’s final design, utilising her previous experiences to build a hub for Melbourne’s newest Recording Company.

And with the initial launch out of the way, the only question is what will the next “move” be? Well after teasing the launch of this site for a while, there are a few details that have been revealed that give us a better insight into what we can expect from TMRC. These are our TOP 3 picks for what to expect.


The Movement Apparel Logo

As promised, TMRC.COM launched with a “Classic” Line spread out over it’s 4 main collections - TMRC, Nomad, IconicBeats & We Move -  however, we’ve also deduced from various posts by TMRC and Nomad that we can expect a healthy variety of Merchandise on the way. From the “Be Like That” Anniversary Tees that Nomad teased on his June 10th, Instagram post we learned about the “expansion with @themovementapparel_ that will enable TMRC artists to “add an additional layer to [their] future releases in Merchandise”. Nomad goes on to write that “as an artist, this platform give me the ability to celebrate my future releases, anniversary dates and more with ease…” hinting to us that this isn’t just a one-off piece of Merch, and we can expect more Limited Edition/Special runs on Merch in future.


Shoot. Cut. Love. Logo

On the 15th of June, the official TMRC Instagram account announced their partnership with “Shoot. Cut. Love.”, a Film and Photography company based in Australia and New Zealand. Details are limited at the moment but their post hinted at more visual content on the way, citing the partnership as “a move that will enable us to produce higher quality visual content for our growing roster of artists”. I think it’s safe to expect some Music Videos on the way, but they also mentioned the “potential of creating newer platforms to make original content in collaboration with more upcoming artists.” No idea on what that could mean just yet, but we look forward to finding out!


They’ve made it very clear in their roll out that “collaboration with more upcoming artists” and growing their “roster” is important to them. And while this type of language could just be a part of their marketing strategy, we have a feeling that we may see TMRC Roster expand with some new additions over the next 12 months.

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