IconicBeats 2

Image by Elgin Huang Jiale of Peter Maglogiannis and Aman Bayatly

Peter Maglogiannis is the Co-Founder and COO of The Movement RC, although he is probably most known for his work as IconicBeats, the talented and rising Producer/Engineer from Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. With his grandparents migrating to Aus from Greece in the 60’s, Maglogiannis was born on July 16th, 1997 to parents Fay & Charlie. One of three boys, as well as the middle child to brothers Mike & Angelo.

This Caroline Springs native began his journey into music at 13 years old after visiting a family friends house. It was there where he would first see a pair of Turntables and be exposed to the art of DJ’ing. This moment would reveal his love for music and inspire him to make his own path as an artist. As a teenager he would become the go-to DJ for family birthdays, weddings and various gatherings. In this same period, he would teach himself how to make beats through YouTube tutorials and convert the family study into a home studio where he could develop his craft and provide a space for collaboration with performers and musicians. Throughout 2016-18, he would build on his brand as IconicBeats by offering free recording, mixing and mastering for a select few, while working part-time and studying. His hard work would ultimately come full circle in 2018 when he would graduate from Collarts with his Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production and officially begin trading as a professional, Audio Engineer. It was also during this time at Collarts where he would meet Damon Paraha A.K.A. Nomad, forging a friendship that would eventuate in the partnership now known as The Movement RC. Furthermore, Maglogiannis would utilise the lockdown period of 2020 to convert a used shipping container into a fully sound treated, recording studio. 2021, would see him return to Live Music as the Sound Engineer of R.L. King’s “Temptation” Concert.

Citing the likes of Timbaland, Jon Bellion, Kanye West and Pharrell as just a few of his many musical influences, IconicBeats makes a point to explore many and all genres of music, from Hip-Hop & Drill to R&B & Pop. This is largely in part to keep his passion for the craft from burning out, as well as to keep his sound from being easily-replicated. He has also been able to Produce and Engineer for some of Melbourne’s most promising/emerging talents such as Nomad, PANIA, ZUHAIR and Agung Mango, the latter-of-which giving him his first single to be spun on Triple J. He’s also had multiple songs feature on official Spotify Editorials like “Beats’n’Bars”, as well as the “New Australia Playlist” on Apple Music. With his star on the rise, IconicBeats looks to continue this momentum and continue to “make ‘em feel Iconic” for years to come.

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